APRIL 2014

"The Real, Fabulous Knick Knacks of Fictional, Fabulous Females"
- by Steven Heller

"When an NYC antiques gallery closed down, its owner kept the storefront alive by decorating the homes of invented, swashbuckling characters."

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“The book’s photos, taken by Jaka Vinšek, show how Buck kept her windows filled with a changing array of accouterments for 22 imaginary women. She wanted to create a pantheon of swashbuckling heroines seen from behind the curtain — a collection of commemorative portraits that evoke life, like dioramas at the Museum of Natural History. A visit to the home of Georgia O'Keeffe in the New Mexican desert had inspired her: 'Everything was as she had left it, and it had such a strong voice,' Buck said. 'It was a sense of connection with someone I truly admired: a woman who raised the bar on what was possible, someone who took risks with her life and her mind.'”