Upcoming Exhibitions:

March 22nd to May 5th
"What's inside? : Paintings by Deborah Buck"
The Julie Saul Gallery
535 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10011

April 7th to May 5th
"Paintings by Deborah Buck"
The Garrison Art Center
23 Garrison Landing
Garrison, NY 10524


These paintings are fractured fairytales—dark explorations of the messy, in-between stages of moving through life. I’m interested in the fables that have been passed along to children since the beginning of time, and how archetypical, oft-idealistic narratives tend to shift and fall apart as time passes. The language of storytelling—colloquialisms, old wives’ tales, ironic turns of phrase—interest me as a means of developing cultural mythologies. These alleged truisms, along with an interest in psychoanalytic and surrealist tropes, inform the stark, yet playful narratives that drive my work. 

My working process is informed by these natural inclinations. When making work, I often feel as though I’ve created a finished product with the first set of marks. Inevitably, these initial compositions are destroyed. They are painted over and over again as I add and subtract elements until I achieve a sense of balance in the image.