"The Four Seasons of Buck House" by Deborah Buck

In my first book, Tableau, I created densely complicated images that were staged with great care and premeditation. The Buck House Moments were to be more intimate, not as grand or complicated. I wanted glimpses of lush visuals and the feeling of opening a treasure chest. The Moments became more and more intimate, closer and closer in to the subject matter, creating a tiny world within a world. You don’t know exactly where you are — and it doesn’t matter. 

Each Moment is arranged to create a conversation among objects. Each shot typically contains three elements: a piece of nature (a shell, flowers, wood, stone, coral), a narrative element (an animal, a figure, a face, a representational object, or an implied persona), and an object with texture and color. 

We were lucky to have very talented interns who shot many of these photos at Buck House. They took to their task with energy and boundless creativity. I am thankful
for their commitment, their skill, and their ability to make such remarkable and heartfelt imagery.

Theses images are fantasies. They are just a moment and yet they are much more. I ask viewers to bring their own stories — to see their own Moments with their own eyes in their own worlds. I have been so thrilled by the reaction. Strangers tell me when I meet them that they have been inspired by them, that they look forward to them and that they were sometimes the highlight of their day. They needed to be kept together as a book. 

So take a Moment …