Me and Buck House Blue

It’s no secret -- I have a thing for turquoise. I’m wild about it. It’s so much a part of who I am, I think I must have swallowed a piece of turquoise as a child. When I got my first set of paints, it was the most satisfying color to mix. Later, as a professional artist, if I wanted to give myself a treat or solve a problematic canvas, I’d always turn to turquoise.

But it wasn’t until I started designing my current home that I truly decided to own turquoise as my color. I decided to weave a theme of turquoise throughout, using it as a means of tying everything together. I chose not to put it on the walls because I wanted to be free to use it in fabrics, rugs, artwork, decorative objects and particularly lamps --I wanted to use turquoise lamps in every room. The lamps themselves would be different, but the color in its various hues would unify the space.

Soon after moving day, I was having a small get-together and I had a pair of gorgeous turquoise lamps I wanted to use in the living room but sadly, no shades. I started trying different things, borrowing shades from every lamp in the apartment. Then I came across a pair of magenta shades that were meant for another project entirely. On a whim I put them on the turquoise lamps, and in an instant the entire room came alive. Suddenly the burgundy chair had a new best friend in the lamps, all because of the shades. My collection of turquoise pottery was happier now, too, with the lamps to relate to. In fact, all of the furniture in the living room was having a party –and my dinner guests hadn’t even arrived yet. Those lamps became the inspiration for the turquoise and burgundy stripes that an integral part of the Buck House, the bold stripes on the back wall.

The same way that a good supporting actor can make the leading man shine, magenta made the turquoise theme in my home sparkle. I may not ever have hit upon that combination if I had relied on my tastemaker intellect to think it out, but because I had guests coming, I was forced to experiment with the things I had on hand. For me, that kind of experimentation is the essence of design. It’s an organic process in which one bold choice leads to the next.

From that point on, I ran with turquoise, not just in my home but in every aspect of my life. My wallet is turquoise; I always have a pair of turquoise shoes and a turquoise bag. My stationery and business card are turquoise, I wear turquoise jewelry and I carry a turquoise umbrella. I’ve renamed my favorite tone of turquoise “Buck House Blue“. We’re inseparable. It’s part of me, and I’m part of it, and our relationship continues to grow and unfold and become more complex and layered. When I walk into my apartment or Buck House, and I see all the different manifestations of the color turquoise, I not only feel at home, I feel as if little parts of my psyche, little portions of my soul, are spread out all over the room. And for me, that’s what feeling at home is all about -- when you can see your inner self reflected in tangible, pleasing and affirming ways, throughout your life.

I think that everyone has a particular color inside of them. Most people haven’t thought about it or directed their attention to it, but it’s there. Sit back, close your eyes and let your mind find your color. It may take moments, hours or weeks, but it’s there. I challenge you to go out and find your own color!