MARCH 2011

I had lunch at Michael’s with Deborah Buck, owner of Buck House on Madison Avenue and East 90th. Deborah, who is an artist, designer, collector and purveyor of art, objet, jewelry and furniture at her petite emporium, is one of those modern women who have their hands in many interests, as well as being a full-time mother (her son starts college in the autumn), wife, and friend to charitable causes.

Buck House, you may have noticed, advertises on the NYSD. Last week she was in Amsterdam for three days, shopping for her business as well as taking in the museums. Next week she’s off to Austin, Texas for a project. Travels extensively is the phrase we’re looking for. And she keeps a web site active. Each week she runs an image under the heading “Designer’s Eye,” which she says are a collection of Buck House moments. You’re traveling extensively now too. Here’s an example below.

Designer's Eye is a collection of "Buck House moments" curated by Deborah. Moment #13: 1960's English Cast Painted Resin Hippopotamus; Heavy Brass Shell Dish; Pillow featuring custom Buck House fabric from the Tableau collection, available exclusively through Buck House; Marble and Travertine trunk by Maitland-Smith, 1980s (photo: Dahae Kim). Deborah and I have known each other for years now. We met through our mutual friend Charlie Scheips who met Deborah when she hired him to curate a show on New York Glamour for Buck House. I knew what her business was then, and I knew, somewhat, what her charitable interests were. I knew she was married (for 22 years) to Mr. Buck.

I wouldn’t have described us as anything but social friends, the way so many New Yorkers know a relatively large number of people. It’s possible in New York to know hundreds on a social basis. And New Yorkers tend to talk about themselves often in a way so personal, that you can’t help feeling you kinda “know” them. Then occasionally, there comes a moment when you get to sit down with a person and it’s like going from black and white to Technicolor. That was yesterday’s lunch.

She has an outgoing personality and she’s also one of those people who covers a lot of territory with lots of tasks as well as pursuits of interest. So she meets people wherever she goes. And because art has been her core interest since she was a young girl, the world is her oyster.