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OCEANA - Benefit Party
Event Details - February 2, 2010

From New York Social Diary

I think I was one of the first to leave at about 8:15. I had to get up to Deborah Buck’s Buck House (at 93rd Street and Madison Avenue) where she and Susan Cohn Rockefeller were launching RocknRola Jewelry with a special sale for Valentine’s Day Season. Special because the pieces (on sale for $100 each) and ALL proceeds were going to Oceana, the organization that is support ocean advocacy.

Ocean advocacy. Oceana was established in 2001 by the Pew Charitable Trusts, Oak Foundation, Marisia Foundation (formerly Homeland Foundation), the Turner Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Click to learn more. It was these foundations that in 1999 commissioned a study that discovered that less than one-half of one percent of all resources spent by non-profit environmental groups in the US went to ocean advocacy. Their mission is protecting and restoring the world’s oceans.

The window at Buck House, designed for last night’s benefit for Oceana.

Global Warming aside, no matter what you think of it, we’re losing the ocean’s marine life. Without this work, the human race is finished, and not within thousands of years or even hundreds of years. The time has come. If this sounds extreme, consider that the human population has overfished in the last few decades to the point where marine life can’t reproduce fast enough to replenish and the pollution of the ocean is thwarting what replenishing that is going on. One day soon, this will be everybody’s business. It’s called survival, and we’re in it together no matter one’s religious beliefs, politics or nationality. Also visit: www.aseachange.net.

Susan Cohn Rockefeller and Deborah Buck. / Deborah and Christopher Buck.

Last night’s event was to remind and to raise money to expand Oceana’s work. RocknRola was formed by Susan Cohn Rockefeller (her husband David Rockefeller Jr. is actively involved with Oceana and its work) and Carol Mack to inspire people to think about the state of our planet and the state of their hearts. Susan is also the chairwoman for Oceana’s Ocean Council. Each piece of their jewelry reflect a deep commitment to nature and the creativity that it inspires. All materials used in the jewelry are sustainable and sourced through an environmental lens. Last night they sold out of the jewelry.

The RocknRola jewelry on sale last night at Buck House with proceeds going to Oceana.


From Deborah Buck:

All of my endeavors come from one place; I need to first challenge and satisfy myself as an artist. When I opened Buck House I was coming out of twenty years in the painting studio, looking for a way to use my creativity and without the isolation of the painting studio. Little did I know then that I was creating a whole new universe for myself as an artist; a world that would put me in touch with an incredible array of other creative individuals.

I first met Susan at a viewing of her film, A Sea Change.The evening was sponsored by Oceana, the world’s foremost advocate for the health of marine life and the oceans. My husband, Christopher and I had been invited as a result of our commitment to anti-sprawl and nature conservancy. I was profoundly moved by the clarity of the vision in the film and the urgency of its reality. When asked to join the Oceana Ocean Council, which Sue heads, I did not hesitate as its integrity is beyond question and it is an organization that truly gets things done. I like that. We cannot afford to ignore the planet’s oceans as they are our lifeline.

This collaboration is especially exciting to me as it represents the first time that Buck House has been host to a philanthropic venue. It thrills me that what started as a small shop has now grown to be a source of inspiration in the arts and a theater for philanthropy. Who knows where all this will go. I look forward to it all!