Deborah Buck and the Art of the Tableau

I love Buck House and think that Deborah Buck has the best eye. Well actually, I've never visited Buck House in person, but I have passed by the shop a few times at night and I'm always captivated by Deborah's vignettes and tableaux. I'll admit that styling a tableau is not one of my fortes. You have to really let your creativity and artistic side take control of the situation. You have to let loose, so to speak. Otherwise, your efforts will appear tight, rigid, or at worst contrived.

I think that one reason Deborah is such an ace at assembling objects is due to her artistic background. She seems to innately understand the souls of the pieces with which she's working. And to me, that is the heart of decorating. You take furniture and objects that have stories and histories and you weave them together to create a new story- yours.

Deborah has recently published a book entitled Tableau, and you can get a sneak peek on her website. I think this book looks fantastic for two reasons. From a practical standpoint, you might get a better feeling for creating your own vignettes. And more importantly, you'll be privy to the stories that Deborah has chosen to share through her tableaux.

(Tableau is available for sale on Deborah's site by clicking on the link. The book retails for $71.)


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